We are Aquarium fish breeders &amp; Aquarium Plant <span class="st">producer</span> with decade of experience in large scale breeding &amp; cultivation. We are the breeders of Swordtail, Mollies, Angelfish, Tetras, Guppies, Sharks etc. We also deal with Aquarium plants of various varieties. You will find Fishes and Aquarium plants at unbeatable price in the market.

For aquarium plants at wholesale rates purchase above <strong>INR 1500.</strong>

<strong>Quality Check:</strong> The fishes that we send are well treated prior to 3 days and checked for any fungus infection. Because of this reason we need a lead time minimum 3 days prior to shipping.

Aquarium Plants are packed with utmost care for long duration travel.

All fish are personally checked by our employees and packed in side &amp; bottom sealed polythene bags with excess quantity of Oxygen to withstand long duration of travel. These polythene bags are again packed in cardboard boxes with good care.

We are supplying Aquarium fish &amp; Aquarium Plants to different parts of India through various shipping methods.

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