Ocean Free Aquarium Medicine White Spot Special, 240 ml

Ocean Free Aquarium Medicine White Spot Special, 240 ml

Seachem Flourish Excel, 250 ml

Seachem Flourish Excel, 250 ml

API Stress Zyme, 237mL

  • Keeps Aquarium Clean
  • Reduces Aquarium Maintainence
  • Adds Beneficial Bacteria For A Healthy Aquarium

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Reduce the maintenance of aquarium by creating a healthy and naturally balanced aquarium with API Stress Zyme.

API Stress Zyme is a wonderful product that improves the natural aquarium cycle and reduces its maintenance. The product contains over 300 million live bacteria per tablespoon. It consumes the sledge, organic debris, and other types of filthy materials and thereby keeps the aquarium clean and maintains its water quality, reducing aquarium maintenance over time.

When the different components like fish waste, leftover food, and other organic compounds break, they release ammonia and nitrite poisoning in the tank. It is not safe for the well-being of fish and may cause breathing difficulty as well. Although these waste products can be removed manually, it is a time taking process, especially when you have to work on rocks, coral, gravel, etc.

API Stress Zyme can be used on a regular basis as it endows multiple advantages:

  • Assures an active biological filter
  • Cleaner aquarium
  • Maintain the water quality
  • Ensures the health of fish and other aquarium creatures

The function of API Stress Zyme is to consume the sludge that helps in keeping the gravel, decoration items, and other accessories inside the aquarium clean. The beneficial bacteria of API Stress Zyme maintain a healthy ambiance in the tank, making it ideal for the fish to flourish.

API Stress Zyme can be used one tablespoon per 10 gallons of water weekly in both fresh as well as a saltwater aquarium. It controls the algae and enhances the growth of healthy bacteria, which in turn control and cure fish diseases and different ailments like fin rot, tail rot, etc. Providing a safe and healthy environment in the tank, API Stress Zyme is one must-have product for all aquarium keepers.

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