Boyu BT-05 Thermometer for Aquarium

Boyu BT-05 Thermometer for Aquarium

Coconut Shell

Processed and cut Coconut Shell – can act as a natural cave in the aquarium for the fishes and can also be used to grow Java Moss Plant on the shell.


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Coconut shell is one of the most extensively used natural products to decorate the aquarium. It not only gives an extraordinary look to the tank but also provide other benefits to the fish and other invertebrates in the water.

It is a processed and cut coconut shell that you can place in the aquarium and provide a natural cave for the fish. Another use is growing java moss plant on the shell. It can harbor the moss and give a more natural look to the tank.

Coconut shell with a cave like structure provides a comfortable and safe abode for the fish and other aquarium creatures. Since it is an all-natural product, it is non-toxic and safe for the fish. The best part is the coconut shell being tough, are strong and highly durable. They are also light in weight yet hard enough not to break easily with mild shocks or pressure. Providing a safe abode, it is a wonderful decoration item that you may use in different ways.

You can use your creativity with the coconut shell and give fish a great shelter to play, swirl, and enjoy.

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