JBL 7+13 kugeln Balls Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

JBL 7+13 kugeln Balls Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

Sunsun Wavemaker JVP - 200 Wave Maker Pump

Sunsun Wavemaker JVP - 200 Wave Maker Pump

Ocean Free Paraclear, 5 g

  • Gentle to fishes and tough against internal parasites including flagellates and worms
  • Anti-internal parasite treatment
  • Relieves stomach bloat and swelling
  • Improves appetite
  • Suitable for all cichlids, especially discus and flower horn
  • Product dimensions: 9.5 x 6.2 x 1 cm
  • Product weight: 4.54 g (ideal for 125-liter water)

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It is an effective remedy to treat problems like white feces (White Poo Syndrome), bloated stomach (Malawi Bloat), darkening of body color, loss of appetite, etc. If your fish are experiencing any of these issues, you can go for Ocean Free Para Clear to get rid of these health problems. It is highly effective against parasite eggs and its consecutive effects like sleeping sickness, bloating or swelling of the stomach in the fish.

How to use:

1) Add 5 g of ocean free para clear to 125 liters of aquarium water. Dilute medication with aquarium water before adding to the aquarium.

2) Repeat the recommended dosage every 3 days.

3) The entire treatment course should continue for 9 days or a total of 3 dosages.

4) It is important to carry out a 30 percent water change before any repeated dosage.


This product is not suitable for use with Arowana fish.

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