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Salvinia natans

Samolus parviflorus 'Red'

Samolus parviflorus 'Red'

Ludwigia Arcuata Dark Red - Tissue Culture Aquatic Plant

Ludwigia Arcuata Dark Red - Tissue Culture Aquatic Plant

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Overview: Originated in the United States, Ludwigia arcuata ‘Dark Red’ is a beautiful, red-colored variety of Ludwigia. It has thin and delicate stems and slightly broader leaves. The bright and attractive foliage of the plant in orange-reddish color makes it eye-catching. 

Since the plant is hardy and can tolerate a wide range of water parameters, it is suitable for beginners too. It can be grown as a background plant or mid-ground plant due to its fine texture. Ludwigia arcuata ‘Dark Red’ requires light and nutrients in a good amount to show its true colors and growth. Under nitrate limitation, Ludwigia arcuata ‘Dark Red’ grows much redder. 

Advantages: Tissue culture aquarium plants are superior in quality compared to normal plants as they are developed in-vitro conditions. They are devoid of pests and infestations that can harm the already-established tank. Adding the tissue cultures version of Ludwigia arcuata ‘Dark Red’ is safe and risk-free.  

Care: We deliver Ludwigia arcuata ‘Dark Red’ in a properly packed condition. Before one introduces it to the tank, cleaning the plant to get rid of the tissue culture gel is an important process. It can be removed by cleaning the plant with water by simply removing the gel with hands. Plant them a few centimeters apart and keep trimming once they start spreading for the best results. 

Light requirements: Ludwigia arcuata ‘Dark Red’ requires strong light conditions that help it thrive and spread profusely in the tank.

pH requirement: It can range between 6 and 7.5.

Other requirements: Nutrient-rich substrate that includes basic fertilizers, sufficient light, and carbon dioxide supplementation are essential for obtaining success in growing Ludwigia arcuata ‘Dark Red.’ Under strong light, CO2, and fertilizers, the plant attains good growth and color. 

Regular trimming is essential to encourage side shoots growth and make the plant bushy. It also allows light to pass on the lower parts to avoid root death. Ludwigia arcuata ‘Dark Red’ has the tendency to grow profusely and become dense. You can prune it for many weeks without requiring replanting. 

Make sure to avoid extreme water parameters.


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