Aquarium Plants Combo Pack

Aquatic Plants Combo Pack

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - Tissue Culture Aquarium Plant

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Rotala Rotundifolia Orange - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Rotala Rotundifolia Orange - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant
Rotala Rotundifolia Orange - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant is available to buy in increments of 1

Overview: Rotala Rotundifolia Orange is originated in Italy. It is a result of a mutation that has developed by propagating specific aquatic stems under specific conditions. The beauty of the plant is the varying shades or hues of orange that it exhibits when provided with the right parameters. It is a robust stem plant that forms dense groups. It is the reason why it is named Rotala Rotundifolia Orange. Like all Rotala species, Rotala Rotundifolia Orange is easy to grow in submerged or emersed conditions. Under fully emersed conditions like in aquariums, the leaves that are usually thin pointing start to flatten up and round off. If you are looking for some colourful plants for aquascaping and bringing vibrancy to your tank, Rotala Rotundifolia Orange will be the best choice. It gives an amazing look when contrasted with the green aquatic plant species.  

Advantages: There are multiple benefits of having a tissue cultured variant of Rotala Rotundifolia Orange as the risk of pest infestation becomes negligible. Many times plant bought from pet store brings pest with them that can hamper the growth of other plants. It may affect fish too. It is the reason why choosing tissue cultured Rotala Rotundifolia Orange will ensure better results. Once you have bought the tissue-cultured Rotala Rotundifolia Orange plant, make sure to maintain water parameters within the prescribed range to bring out its best colour. 

Light and other requirements: Rotala Rotundifolia Orange requires a high light intensity to show its original colour. At the same time, you have to provide high carbon dioxide and fertilization dosing. When high iron supplements are given, the leaves of Rotala Rotundifolia Orange get more intense. With proper water parameters and regular pruning, the plant shows the best result. Pruning prevents the bottom leaves from drying and causing litter in the tank. Also, it ensures lush growth.

pH Requirements: The plant can thrive well under the pH requirements ranging between 5.5-7.0.

How to Use: You can grow Rotala Rotundifolia Orange as a background plant. The growth rate is usually fast when provided with all the water parameters. All you need is to keep trimming or pruning the plant in regular intervals. You can propagate the plant by simply cutting the stem and replacing it anywhere in the substrate.  

Care: Remove the tissue culture gel from the plant before introducing it to the tank. Clean it thoroughly with water and remove the gel with a soft brush or your hands. The gel may bring slight changes in the water parameters. Therefore, make sure it is completely removed from the plant before burying in the substrate. 


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