Home Delivery for Aquarium fish in Bangalore

We have started Home Delivery for Aquarium fish in Bangalore

Order from the comfort of your home!!

We have come up with home delivery facility for our customers in Bangalore city for Purchase of aquarium fish/tropical fish, Aquatic Plants, Accessories etc. Once you order online, our team will deliver the goods to your home.
We are also working out ways to expand our delivery locations to more cities. Do tune-in for our future updates.

Visit us to make your purchase now www.bunnycart.com

Also visit www.bunnycart.com/shipping to find the updated shipping location list.

9 thoughts on “Home Delivery for Aquarium fish in Bangalore

  1. sanath menon says:


    I recently brought a new aquarium and wanted it be to be planted. I current have few angel fishes and moonlight gourami fishes. I want it to be planted but not filled with plants but a few would do. I wanted to know if you guys would do it for me and also let me know the cost.

    • Praveen Kumar says:

      Hi, Sorry to say we wont be able to help you with setting up your aquarium. But we can provide you free telephonic consultation. Please call our customer care number for free consultation.

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