In our previous article, we have discussed the various medical benefits of having aquariums in our living space as well as the logic of Vaastu and Feng Shui principle behind the same. Apart from the plethora of benefits, aquariums can liven up any décor, instantly. One cannot possibly deny the soothing and mesmerizing effect it […]

Aquariums and fish tanks have adorned all kinds of living spaces since time immemorial; be it in the humble living rooms of our homes or reception and waiting areas of hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, etc. One cannot deny the immediate soothing effect it has on any pair of sore and tired eyes. The cool blue […]

There are many reasons to have an aquarium; some are based on purely scientific reasoning such as blood pressure regulation and stress management, some on Feng Shui principles like bringing prosperity and luck, and others simply because of the sheer joy of having a natural aquatic ecosystem right under your roof. Whether you are new […]

                    Oftentimes setting up your very first aquarium is easy said than done. When it comes to choosing plants for your aquarium, natural plants are always recommended. Apart from the aesthetic appeal they render to aquariums, natural plants are beneficial to the fishes in many ways […]