5 Best Aquatic Plants That Flower

5 Best Aquatic Plants That Flower

How would you feel seeing little flowers blooming in your aquarium? Surreal, right? A lush green aquarium with attractive aquatic plants and colorful fish alone increases the aesthetics of the tank, and when this setup is combined with florals, the beauty is enhanced manifold. If you are a hardcore aquarist looking for different ways to […]

10 Popular Aquarium Plants That Do Not Need Substrate

10 Popular Aquarium Plants That Do Not Need Substrate

We understand that selecting the right aquatic plant for an aquarium is overwhelming for beginners. As if learning about all the do’s and don’ts for fish was not enough, selecting the right aquarium plant and its substrate doubles the fuss, creating apprehension among the new aquarists. So, what’s the solution? The first solution is learning […]

Is Fishkeeping For Me? Everything You Need to Know

Is Fishkeeping For Me Everything You Need to Know

Before you start fishkeeping as a hobby, multiple things need consideration. Just because you like watching fish swirling and dancing in the water, you should not get an aquarium. In this guide, we will explain what, how, and why you should research to understand if fishkeeping is for you. Most beginners start their journey believing […]

Driftwood – Everything You Need to Know

Driftwood - Everything You Need to Know

A few things add to the aesthetics of the aquarium, and Driftwood is one of them. Adding Driftwood to the tank can transform its look and give it a complete makeover. If you are an aquarist who loves aquascaping and exploring the different decor items, Driftwood is your go-to option. In this article, we will […]

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Aquatic Plants

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Aquatic Plants

A complete beginner’s guide to aquatic plants is something every aquarium fanatic looks forward to. Whether you have an established tank or are just starting with live plants, detailed know-how is essential for a perfect lush green tank. Here, we provide a complete and handy guide to aquatic plants that will prove highly informative and […]

Tissue Culture vs. Potted Aquatic Plants

Tissue Culture vs. Potted Plants Aquatic Plants

Gone are the days when aquarists had only one option: potted or bunched plants to grow in their aquarium. With the advent of in-vitro cultivation, today, one can use tissue culture aquarium plants and prevent many future complications.  Tissue culture aquarium plants are usually found in small sealed cups. Since they grow in a protected […]

Aquariums and Fengshui: Enhance Your Home’s Auspicious Environment

Aquariums and Fengshui Enhance Your Home's Auspicious Environment

Fengshui is an ancient Chinese philosophy based on the idea of harmonizing people with their environment. It is believed that Fengshui brings good luck, fortune, and positive energy into one’s life.  Basically, Fengshui is all about creating a peaceful and balanced atmosphere at home or in the workplace. Different elements, such as plants, figurines, aquariums, […]