For building a peaceful community tank, the compatibility of fish is essential. Often, out of excitement, we end up stocking fish in our tanks that are not compatible with each other and to our tank’s conditions. It is a blunder that beginners could make. Therefore, choosing fish that get along with each other is important […]

One of the prerequisites of fish keeping is changing the water of the tank after regular intervals. It is one of the facts that every fish owner knows. However, everything goes smooth while doing so is not necessary. Many aquarists often see a dead fish in their tank after a few hours of changing the […]

When you start fish-keeping as a hobby, knowing everything about ‘essential’ and ‘not-so-essential’ products is important. You must have understood by now that aquarium filter is one of the essential aquarium accessories. It is supposed to make the water appropriate for the fish’s survival by keeping it clear, odorless and hygienically clean. Also, a filter […]

If you wish to bring life to your tank, including some aquarium plants is a great idea. Just a few plants in the tank can make it look amazingly gorgeous. You can find multiple plants that are suitable for aquariums- big or small. However, you have to be alert while buying the aquarium greens. Firstly, […]

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