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Fish are fascinating, and so is the hobby of fish keeping. Out of so many pets, fish are colorful, quiet, clean, and, when kept in an aquarium, become an excellent piece of décor in the room. Just watching the fish swimming in a closed water ecosystem is relaxing. Keeping exotic fish in an aquarium has […]

Goldfish are the real treasure of an aquarium. Their exotic appearance is enough to add grace and make the tank look beautiful. Although easy to maintain, goldfish have their own set of notorious activities that can baffle any aquarist. Out of so many, today, we will discuss their equation with gravel and pebbles or rocks […]

There is no doubt that live plants look more attractive in an aquarium than artificial plants. Most of the aquarists are in favor of live plants not only because of their beauty and décor but because of many other advantages that they endow to the fish. Some of the well-known reasons are Create a natural […]

Today the entire world is struggling from the coronavirus pandemic. We are not sure when our lives will be back on track and when we’ll start living a normal life like before. Since we have to follow lockdown for our safety purposes, we all are learning different activities to keep our sanity. Whether it is […]

Today, the obligatory lockdown has given us enough time to care about our pets. Since we all are maintaining isolation and spending more time inside the home, the tempt to look after the pets, clean their equipment, and change the water regularly has increased. Whether it is done out of necessity or boredom, a significant […]

Coronavirus outbreak has taken a toll on our lives. It is highly important to stay inside to remain safe. While the government has made all the arrangements to fulfill our food supplies, some pet owners are in real trouble at this crucial time. Among them, the most affected are the ones whose pets generally feed […]

One of the most common mistakes that almost every new aquarist make is- Overfeeding! Although this gaffe is quite common, it could lead to many harmful consequences, among which the death of fish is one. Accumulation of the uneaten food and increased waste products in the tank is very harmful to the health and well-being […]

An aquarium is a name given to a water tank which comprises fish and aquatic plants. Generally, the new aquarists concentrate only on keeping the fish inside their aquarium. The major reason behind it is the lack of knowledge about proper maintenance and upkeep of aquatic plants. In general, it takes a good amount of […]