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Fish-keeping is thrilling but seeing your swirling creatures die is heartbreaking. When we are a beginner in fish-keeping, we make a lot of mistakes. While some mistakes are not harmful, some could pose a threat to the life of fish. Therefore, attaining a thorough knowledge and accustoming with the ‘dos and don’ts of fish keeping’ […]

Self-sustaining tanks are a blessing in disguise for all those who love to have aquariums but not enough time to maintain them. We all know that fish-keeping is a time-taking hobby. You can’t just have a tank and forget about it as it will lead all the fish to eventually die. The plants will start […]

Fish are fascinating, and so is the hobby of fish keeping. Out of so many pets, fish are colorful, quiet, clean, and, when kept in an aquarium, become an excellent piece of décor in the room. Just watching the fish swimming in a closed water ecosystem is relaxing. Keeping exotic fish in an aquarium has […]

Goldfish are the real treasure of an aquarium. Their exotic appearance is enough to add grace and make the tank look beautiful. Although easy to maintain, goldfish have their own set of notorious activities that can baffle any aquarist. Out of so many, today, we will discuss their equation with gravel and pebbles or rocks […]

Live plants endow immense benefits when planted in the aquarium. They add to the beauty of the tank and, at the same time, provide oxygen for the fish. But as they say, good things don’t come easy; live plants also require special care and maintenance for proper growth and development. Although there are aquarium plants […]