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Tips to keep fish happy and healthy inside the Aquarium

Tips to keep fish happy and healthy inside the Aquarium

No matter which pet you like to have, making it happy, comfortable and providing a feeling of safety becomes your responsibility. Domesticated animals require a lot of love and care from their owners. To get mingled with the new surrounding, they want a lot of attention in the initial few days. However, with fish as […]

Do My Aquatic Plants require Fertilizers?

Do My Aquatic Plants require Fertilizers

An aquarium is an artificial adobe for fishes. Therefore, efforts must be made to provide them the feel as if living in the natural environment. Including aquatic plants in the aquarium is the best way to give it a natural, alluring and highly attractive outlook. Not only fishes get benefitted due to the aquatic plants, […]

Overcoming algae growth in the Aquarium

Overcoming algae growth in the aquarium

Aquarium – the word itself is enough to get you to visualize beautiful and exotic fishes floating freely inside a small chamber of water. Differently coloured fishes, live plants and few accessories all contribute to making the aquarium look highly alluring and appealing. Aquarium gives an aesthetic look to the room and elevates its style […]

How to protect your aquarium from the scorching summer heat ?

Aquarium fish Neon Tertra

Aquariums, especially in a tropical country like ours tend to get tricky during the summers. The temperature of your aquarium will elevate if kept near the window or under direct sunlight. Not every freshwater fish is able to tolerate frequent temperature fluctuations. It’s wise to keep fishes having tolerance for a high temperature in your […]

5 multi-faceted benefits of having aquariums


Aquariums and fish tanks have adorned all kinds of living spaces since time immemorial; be it in the humble living rooms of our homes or reception and waiting areas of hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, etc. One cannot deny the immediate soothing effect it has on any pair of sore and tired eyes. The cool blue […]