Children and Aquariums

The two Cs- Curiosity and Children go hand by hand. Children always have new questions and dilemmas to deal with. Therefore, you should not get surprised if one day your child comes and says ‘I want an aquarium.’

It is very fascinating to have fish as your pet. The idea alone is enough to bring enthrallment. However, at the same time, if you are new into this field, fish keeping also brings the feeling of uncertainty and doubts. Some of the common questions that arise are:

  • Will my child be able to look after the upkeep of aquarium all alone?
  • Is it a good idea to introduce children to fish?
  • Can an aquarium be placed at the child’s bedroom?

Other than these, if you finally plan to get an aquarium, there are many more considerations to work on as well. From the selection of the right size of tank to the incorporation of the right fish- everything will become essential. Moreover, you have to work on the water parameters as well.

So let’s find out whether having an aquarium is a good option especially when your child is asking for it. Let us also discover how and why having an aquarium could prove beneficial to the children.

Advantages of having an aquarium for children

As per the child experts, no matter which pet you own, it brings the feeling of belongingness to the child. While the pets in the company of children feel loved, the children, on the other hand, get companionship. Many educational organizations often recommend parents to have some pet in the house.

If you have an aquarium, the child may benefit in a number of ways like:

  • They develop a passion for fish keeping which ultimately makes them more humble. They start looking and taking care of the animals around them.
  • They learn to maintain the aquarium which develops a sense of responsibility from a small age.
  • Children start loving the gifts of nature- animals, water, plants which is the first step of being a kind and humble human.
  • Aquariums are a great source of education. Children learn a lot of things about fish like their behavior and habits.
  • Fish keeping instills good habits in a child. Regular upkeep of aquarium makes them disciplined.

These are some of the significant benefits children may attain by having an aquarium by their side. For you, it could be a win-win situation because once you get them fish; you can condemn getting furry pets which may cause pet hair allergy to allergic family members.

Considerations while getting an aquarium

No matter how adamant your child is being, you can’t get an aquarium just for the sake of getting it. You have to keep certain things in mind and do proper research. Whether or not the child will be able to handle the aquarium all by himself depends upon his age. However, your intervention is still considered vital.

Let us dig a little deeper and know the basic essentialities for having an aquarium.


One of the most important steps is deciding the size of the aquarium. The factor you should take here in consideration is the size of fish your child wants to have. You need to research how big it may grow and then decide what size of the aquarium will be apt for it. Make sure that the fish does not outgrow the tank’s size.

Big aquariums are generally easy to maintain, and they can keep more fish as well. So, choose wisely.


Another important thing is incorporating the essential equipment like the filtration system, lighting, water conditioner, thermometer, pH meter, air pump, aquarium heater and much more. You can’t just get a tank and start introducing fish in it. Other than this, you also need to make your mind as for whether you want a warm water aquarium or cold water aquarium. The choice the fish depends upon it.


Fish and plants- the inhabitants are the king and queen of an aquarium. The right selection ensures that the creatures inside the tank will live in harmony and flourish well. Since your child wants fish as a pet, it is better to show him the variety of fish and ask which one he prefers. At the same time, you need to consider what the best fish are for the beginners. Many fish although look beautiful, are hard to upkeep.

The two best choices for the beginners could be:

  • Goldfish- They not only look beautiful but are easy to maintain as well.
  • Guppies and platies- They have a unique color and look amazing.

Another major benefit of keeping these fish is your child can see them reproducing. It means he can enjoy baby fish with his mother. All that you need to keep in mind is avoiding them to overpopulate the tank. Overstocking has many harmful effects like the water gets dirty and fish come under stress. Maintaining too many fish at a time is also troublesome.

If the child is thinking beyond fish, you can get him shrimps or snails as well. You can also take the advice of the pet store owner and let him tell the best fish and the number of fish for the children.

Aquariums in the children bedroom

Generally, when the children ask for the aquarium, they insist on placing it in their bedroom only. Stop worrying because it is totally fine to install there. However, you should make sure that-

  • It is kept only above a stable surface
  • It is not positioned in direct sunlight.
  • The unit where it is placed is able to support or handle the tank’s heavyweight.

Also, inform the children that swirling of fish and air pump will continue making some noise which could disturb them, especially while sleeping. Fish are also very sensitive to what is going around them.

Can aquarium be the distraction from studies

Fish keeping is a hobby. If your child is developing it, believe me, it’s perfectly fine. All that you have to make sure is this hobby is not consuming a lot of his time. In general, fish keeping is the least time consuming when compared to other pet keeping. While with furry pets you need to take them to walk, give them attention and time, with fish, there is no such restriction.

Aquarium requires a partial change in water which could be done once in 15 days. Other than this, feeding is something which needs to be done daily. Other care schedule practices are generally done on a weekly basis. If you are going on holidays, automatic feeders will help or else you can ask a friend to feed your fish.

Wrapping up

Fish are great pets that can make any dull room lively and energetic. So if your child is asking for an aquarium, do not think twice and get him one. Initially, you may face few issues, but with time everything will settle down, and your child might become a fish keeping advisor in the future.

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