All you need is Vallisneria

All you need is Vallisneria

Aquatic plants make a special place in the aquariums. Making the aquarium look exotic, the live plants are worthy products to incorporate. Other than giving an alluring look to the aquarium the aquatic plants also provide the desired oxygen to the inhabitants of the aquarium. They absorb the carbon dioxide and ammonia that fish excretes […]

Overcoming algae growth in the Aquarium

Overcoming algae growth in the aquarium

Aquarium – the word itself is enough to get you to visualize beautiful and exotic fishes floating freely inside a small chamber of water. Differently coloured fishes, live plants and few accessories all contribute to making the aquarium look highly alluring and appealing. Aquarium gives an aesthetic look to the room and elevates its style […]

How to protect your aquarium from the scorching summer heat ?

Aquarium fish Neon Tertra

Aquariums, especially in a tropical country like ours tend to get tricky during the summers. The temperature of your aquarium will elevate if kept near the window or under direct sunlight. Not every freshwater fish is able to tolerate frequent temperature fluctuations. It’s wise to keep fishes having tolerance for a high temperature in your […]

Handy aqua-scaping tips with larger fishes

large fishes

  Neon tetras, Swordtails, and Harlequin rasboras are surely a delight to watch and everyone loves them. But, for many aquarium hobbyists find these species tad too small to exhibit their aquarium skills. Which is why many of them prefer larger aquarium fishes like Discus, Oscars etc. to step up a notch. However, cultivating larger […]

Livebearers: What aquarium hobbyists should know about them


Choosing the right fishes that are not only well suited as per the size of your aquarium, but also compatible with other fishes and the surrounding can be very confusing, especially if you are a beginner. With thousands of options to choose from, it’s hard to decide on the right fish for your very first […]

The multifarious benefits of live aquatic plants in aquariums

aquatic plants in aquariums

Fishes in an aquarium are a sheer delight to watch. Bright and colorful fishes swimming around your fish tank filled with nothing else but the water looks quite enticing but it is still not enough to get that mesmerizing effect. So what is missing in your fish tank? Yes, you guessed it right! Aquatic plants […]