5 multi-faceted benefits of having aquariums


Aquariums and fish tanks have adorned all kinds of living spaces since time immemorial; be it in the humble living rooms of our homes or reception and waiting areas of hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, etc. One cannot deny the immediate soothing effect it has on any pair of sore and tired eyes. The cool blue water, the tiny colorful fishes swimming, the mesmerizing green aquatic plants swaying under the water current, those beautiful pebbles and rocks in a myriad hues is truly magical.


From children to adults, everyone is smitten by the magical charm of aquariums. With our ever-busy lifestyle and hectic schedules, we really cannot afford the luxury to spend quality time amidst nature. But how about replicating a natural water ecosystem in the comforts of your own home or workspace ? Keeping an aquarium not only enhances the aesthetics of the décor, but also comes with a host of benefits. Let’s take a look at them:


  • Health benefits: Many studies conducted were conducted and scientists and researchers have found out that that grazing fishes at aquariums has many therapeutic benefits like reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and even beneficial to patients suffering from insomnia by inducing peaceful sleep. It even showed positive effects on elderly patients suffering from mental illness Alzheimer. Aquariums and fish tanks have shown to reduce heart attacks as well. Many offices and hospitals install aquariums to keep stress levels at bay.
  • Great pet for kids: Aquariums with fishes have shown to calm restlessness in children suffering from hyperactivity issues like ADHD and ADD. Children with or without behavioral issues can benefit immensely with fishes as pets. The child’s learning process guided by their natural curiosity to know about fishes, the macro and micro components underwater, getting familiar with science and it’s fields like biology, chemistry and physics boost learning. Studies show that aquariums can also stimulate the imagination and creativity of children, which is extremely beneficial for brain development. Kids who have fishes as pets also develop social skills and sense of responsibility early in life.
  • Remedy for Vastu defects: Vastu, a Vedic science form is result driven and conducive in bringing harmony and wealth to it’s followers. To have a house brimming with positive energy, the directions and placements of objects should be guided by Vastu principles strictly. Vastu specialists swear by the use of aquariums at home, office space, shop, factories, etc to eliminate any Vastu defect. Vastu specialists also say that when you have aquariums in your living or dining room, it wards off any evil forces and evokes a sense of serenity and fortuity. Aquariums with fishes also promise to bring prosperity and facilitate the conversion of any kind of negative energy into a positive one. It is believed that when a fish dies naturally in the aquarium, it also takes away some problem at home or office. Believers and followers of Vastu will always keep an aquarium with fishes in it for the sake of positivity and prosperity.
  • Feng Shui principle swears by aquariums too: Ever wondered why Asian banks and restaurants keep an aquarium with fishes close to the entrance? Simply because Feng Shui believes that fish tanks and aquariums bring wealth and happiness to the person who keeps one. Feng Shui experts say that if placed in the right direction, it could bring love and strengthen relationships. The rapid movement of fishes swimming in the water is known as ‘Chi’, which is known to increase the inflow of good health and prosperity. Feng Shui experts also suggest the use of fish tanks and aquariums for reducing stress. Just by making sure it is placed in the correct direction as per your need, one can gain immensely from this Feng shui principle.
  • For the sheer joy of it: Not a fan of Vaastu and Feng Shui Principle? No worries. Buy an aquarium simply for the beautiful addition to your décor. The mesmerizing cool blue water effects with beautiful fishes is bound to cast a magical spell on anyone. The green aquatic plants are not just for enhancing the beauty of the aquarium, they are extremely beneficial to the fishes, in terms of providing oxygen, hiding place for fries and spawning fishes. They also work as a snack to herbivore fishes.


Whatever may be the reason for keeping an aquarium, it is clearly evident from the benefits mentioned above that from the holistic and medical point of view, it has a plethora of advantages.

Aquarium Plants
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