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One of the most common mistakes that almost every new aquarist make is- Overfeeding! Although this gaffe is quite common, it could lead to many harmful consequences, among which the death of fish is one. Accumulation of the uneaten food and increased waste products in the tank is very harmful to the health and well-being […]

The emergence of aquarium algae is one of the most typical problems among the aquarists. They not only make the tank look unsightly but also degrade the quality of water. No matter how hygiene and cleanliness one maintain, eradicating algae entirely is next to impossible. However, knowing about them and their ways of multiplication can […]

An aquarium makes a wonderful centerpiece of the room. However, for its proper upkeep installing some essential equipment is necessary. While the fish and plants make the aquarium look appealing, these equipment ensure their survival. There are few essential and a few not-so-essential aquarium equipments. Generally, it’s the beginners who get confused regarding the same. […]