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An aquarium is a name given to a water tank which comprises fish and aquatic plants. Generally, the new aquarists concentrate only on keeping the fish inside their aquarium. The major reason behind it is the lack of knowledge about proper maintenance and upkeep of aquatic plants. In general, it takes a good amount of […]

How would you feel knowing that two of your passions- gardening and fish keeping can be mingled? Fascinating, right? Well, it is true because the advanced agricultural practices give immense opportunities to explore the world of plants and fish together. When you are down with time and money yet want to have a nice garden […]

Like any other equipment, your aquarium also needs regular maintenance and proper upkeep. Generally, once the entire setup starts running properly, and fish and plants get stabilized people don’t give heed to maintaining the aquarium. Good ambiance helps fish to flourish. Changing the water after regular intervals is something that no one forgets. The major […]