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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Aquatic Plants

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Aquatic Plants

A complete beginner’s guide to aquatic plants is something every aquarium fanatic looks forward to. Whether you have an established tank or are just starting with live plants, detailed know-how is essential for a perfect lush green tank. Here, we provide a complete and handy guide to aquatic plants that will prove highly informative and […]

Tissue Culture vs. Potted Aquatic Plants

Tissue Culture vs. Potted Plants Aquatic Plants

Gone are the days when aquarists had only one option: potted or bunched plants to grow in their aquarium. With the advent of in-vitro cultivation, today, one can use tissue culture aquarium plants and prevent many future complications.  Tissue culture aquarium plants are usually found in small sealed cups. Since they grow in a protected […]

Aquariums and Fengshui: Enhance Your Home’s Auspicious Environment

Aquariums and Fengshui Enhance Your Home's Auspicious Environment

Fengshui is an ancient Chinese philosophy based on the idea of harmonizing people with their environment. It is believed that Fengshui brings good luck, fortune, and positive energy into one’s life.  Basically, Fengshui is all about creating a peaceful and balanced atmosphere at home or in the workplace. Different elements, such as plants, figurines, aquariums, […]

5 Best Free Floating Aquarium Plants

Floating plants

Bringing new dynamics to your aquarium, free-floating aquarium plants are worth a try. They give a more natural and wild appearance to the tank, turning it completely from mainstream to unconventional and stunning tank.  Free-floating aquarium plants enhance the overall aesthetics of the tank. When you see them in action, you will understand how they […]

Aquarium Decor- Do’s and Don’ts every aquarist should know

Aquarium Decor

When it is about aquarium décor, the sky is the limit. But, with precaution! An aquarium looks complete when it has a variety of vivid fish, lush green aquatic plants, and beautiful décor items. While it is essential to have compatible fish and plants, there is no such limitation when it comes to décor items. […]

Acclimating shrimps – is it necessary and how is it done?

Acclimating shrimps - is it necessary and how is it done

Whether it is about fish or shrimps or other aquarium inhabitants, acclimating them before introducing them in an already established tank is essential. It makes a huge difference when it comes to the health of the shrimp. Proper acclimating steps prevent a lot of mishaps in the aquarium. It is no surprise that there will […]

How Important Is Fish Compatibility ?

How Important Is Fish Compatibility

For building a peaceful community tank, the compatibility of fish is essential. Often, out of excitement, we end up stocking fish in our tanks that are not compatible with each other and to our tank’s conditions. It is a blunder that beginners could make. Therefore, choosing fish that get along with each other is important […]

Does your fish die after changing the water? Here’s everything you should know

Does your fish die after changing the water Here’s everything you should know

One of the prerequisites of fish keeping is changing the water of the tank after regular intervals. It is one of the facts that every fish owner knows. However, everything goes smooth while doing so is not necessary. Many aquarists often see a dead fish in their tank after a few hours of changing the […]