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by Jyotirmoy Sen on Bunnycart
Java Moss

Purchased Java Moss. Simply it is fantastic. No question about quantity and quality. Regarding price it is cheap in respect of local market. Thanks Bunnycart.

by Ajay on Bunnycart
Excellent but yet a great scope for development

Bunnycart is doing great in its field.The service given is excellent and the refund policy of Bunnycart is really easy and quick besides there are no questions. Moreover Bunnycart needs to sort out a few things1)The plants which they send should be same as ordered (I ordered 2 varieties and received both different unlike images)2)Fishes provided should be mature ones and should be checked before delivery (I received an abnormal female)3)Moreover fishes are always out of stock which gets a problem while ordering cause you don't get all you want to .Some fishes are out of stock from about 6-7 months (like Blue Moscow guppy)4)More varieties of fishes with more types must be introduced.Overall the experience although was great with all fishes and the plants although different enhance the look. I would like to shop again at Bunnycart..

by sumit on Bunnycart

i ordered
Plants:- excellent
Shrimps:- excellent

i'm definitely gonna order some more shrimps & aquatic plants from this site.

by Meethu on Bunnycart
Excellent service

I had placed order for moss plants... Excellent service , delivery made as per schedule, quantity was more than expected.And finally a Happy Customer ... thanks Bunnycart !!!i will get back to you 🙂

by Dinesh on Bunnycart
Guppy varieties

I see still some of the guppy varieties(grass,lace,HB,etc) are not available here . I would prefer to buy more number of varieties . Also the available varieties are not completely in stock everytime. If you take this into consideration , that would be great!

by Jerry Indore MP on Bunnycart
Excellent Product

Excellent product. Esp for aquatic plants.

by uma on Bunnycart
pistia plants

I had ordered pistia plants . They were so tiny they didn't survive. The other plants are good. Can I get another set.

by Soumil Biswas on Bunnycart
i got a fish less

i ordered 20 fishes in total .. but i am short of one tetra .. my order no was 12521 .. i think there is a mistake in the delivery... everything else was fabulous.. the fishes are active and colorful.. yet few are a little tiny (not really a problem though)...

by Chetan patil on Bunnycart
Delivery of fish

Thanks a lot, all fish and plant good in condition. All are healthy.
Packing condition also good. Your customer service also good
Bunnycart have great future.

by augustine derrick on Bunnycart
Lovely Quality

Thank you for delivering my plants and fishes safely, everything was in excellent condition i’m referring your site to all my friends now. Thanks again.

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