Live Arrival Guarantee

Bunnycart's Live Arrival Guarantee

Bunnycart is committed to sending every shipment with a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee. It means we ensure that the shipment will reach in live and healthy state. In a rare case of getting dead livestock on arrival, or if the shipment has some unruly issues, we will compensate for the trouble caused by offering a refund. However, our Live Arrival Guarantee does not go beyond the day of arrival.Live Arrival Guarantee

At Bunnycart, we understand that livestock (plants and fish) undergo huge shipping stress. To reduce it, we perform a practical quarantine that ensures they reach customers in a healthy condition. We ship multiple packages every day and boast a high success rate. To err is human; therefore, we have come up with our Live Arrival Guarantee to resolve shipping-related issues.


Conditions to Qualify for Live Arrival Guarantee

  • Bring your claim to our attention within 24 hours of delivery. Beyond that will not be entertained.
  • Once our shipment has been introduced into your aquarium, it will no longer be covered by our guarantee. We can only guarantee our livestock, not your aquarium conditions. 
  • Live Arrival Guarantee gets void if you miss the first delivery attempt. We provide tracking details, and it is the customer's responsibility to not miss or delay delivery even by a day, especially in the case of livestock.
  • You must provide the correct shipping information, failing which the shipment may reach a different place, and the livestock may die due to excessive shipping stress. In this case, the Live Arrival Guarantee is cancelled.


Submitting your claim

  • Send us at least 2 clear photos of dead livestock in their original, unopened, and sealed transparent packing.
  • Provide photos and the details regarding your order within 24 hours
  • If we missed sending any of the items you have ordered, let us know along with a clear picture of the unopened package, including the packing slip. 
  • Any extras, if sent along with shipment, are not covered under guarantee.

Offers on Claims

  • Our customer service team will access your email claim and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • A refund will be made back on the method of payment used while placing the order. 

Return Policy

We do not accept returns for livestock, plant, or perishable items.

What we cannot guarantee 

  • We ensure that livestock will be live at arrival but cannot guarantee that you continue having success with them. 
  • We do not guarantee livestock beyond the day of arrival.
  • Customers are expected to research the compatibility of tank mates. It is not our responsibility. Although our plants are clean and pesticide-free, we cannot guarantee them to be 100% pest-free due to their nature. We recommend that customers rinse the plants and quarantine them before introducing them to their aquarium. However, tissue culture plants will be 100% free from algae and pests. 
  • We are not responsible for your tank's condition; therefore, we advise quarantining the livestock (plants, fish, shrimp, etc.) before using.

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