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Bunnycart is a leading online aquarium store in India that aims to offer high-grade aquarium supplies to everyone interested in fish-keeping. With an experience of more than a decade and complete know-how on aquarium plant cultivation, Bunnycart has become a leading supplier of aquatic plants in India. Large-scale cultivation of different species of aquatic plants has made Bunnycart the most reliable online destination among the aquarists who are aiming for a beautiful community aquarium or planted aquarium.

Our aim is to provide healthy aquarium plants to the hobbyists at a competitive price. Furthermore, the robust logistic procedure ensures that each plant is procured against the order and shipped at the same time to your doorstep. We ensure that all the plants are delivered fresh, and there is no deterioration when they are stocked.

Apart from aquarium plants, we also deliver aquarium substrate and aquarium accessories like décor items, pumps, filters, and much more. You can also shop for high-quality fish food from Bunnycart. We also deliver aquarium fish to selected cities of India via reliable shipping methods.

Each product shipped from Bunnycart goes through a stringent quality check to meet the expectations of the customers. Every consignment is packed with utmost care to survive long travel hours and reach its destination without any issue.

For all your aquarium needs, look no further than Bunnycart and shop for fresh aquarium plants, high-quality aquarium accessories, and everything in-between!

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Started in 2014, today the company has touched the hearts of millions of aquarists by sending healthy aquariums plants in their best and healthy state which can be directly ordered from their website bunnycart.com


Today, involving large-scale aquatic plant cultivation, bunnycart.com proudly presents itself as a D2C brand where plants are supplied direct from the farm. It has become the most trusted online destination among aquarists aiming for a beautiful community aquarium or planted aquarium.


Bunnycart, a leading brand (Direct to Consumer) delivering healthy aquarium plants direct from farms


Bunnycart, which sells aquarium products, including water plants. “Like cabomba that are abundant in many ponds. Other plants are elodea ( Hydrocharitaceae ) or waterweeds, Bacopa monnieri (water hyssop), Echinodorus muricatus green Java fern ( Microsorum pteropus ) etc. But the problem is their identification. Many are unable to distinguish between weed and useful aquatic plants,” says Pius of Bunnycart


Bunnycart delivers healthy aquatic plants straight from farms



Kerala based aquarium plant farm introduces range of new aquarium plants

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