Anubias barteri var. glabra

Anubias barteri var. glabra

Pogostemon stellatus - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant

Pogostemon stellatus - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant

Anubias Nana

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  • Fixed on coconut  shell cut into small round shape.
  • Can be directly kept in Aquarium as it is.
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Overview: Coming from family Araceae, Anubias nana is a dwarf variety of plant Anubias barteri that looks adorable in the aquarium. It is a freshwater aquatic plant that is easy to grow in a tank. It is also sometimes called dwarf Anubias. Native to Africa, specifically to Cameroon and Nigeria, now we can find Anubias nana all around the globe. Easy to grow and maintain in partially or fully submerged conditions has made it one of the most popular plants among the aquarists.

Appearance: It is a sturdy plant with a thick and dark green stem. The maximum height it can attain is around 8 inches. Being a dwarf variety, it is suitable to grow as a foreground plant. It covers the substrate completely and gives an excellent abode to a variety of bottom-dwelling fish. This ensures that there will be more free space for other fish to swim and swirl in the upper layers of the tank. The leaves of the tank are dark green that gives an exotic appearance to the bottom layers of the tank. The bright green color of Anubias nana makes sure your tank get vibrancy inside. The leaves are thin and covered with a cuticle. You could also find creamy white colored flowers occasionally on the plant that makes a great focal point.

Hard/soft plant: It is a hardy plant, easy to maintain, and care

Ideal water temperature: The best temperature for the plant is 22 to 28 degrees C.

Lighting conditions: It doesn’t require any specific lighting. Medium light is enough to provide what requires for the growth of the plant. It is a slow growing species that require trimming when the stem grows long.

Ideal pH: The ideal pH for the plant to flourish is 5.5 to 7. It can survive if there is a minor fluctuation in pH as well.

Do you know: Anubias nana is known to control the level of nitrate in the water. It removes the pollutants and oxygenates the water, thereby making it healthier and favorable for the plants as well as other aquatic creatures.

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