Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis Apple Red

Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red"

Brazilian pennywort

Brazilian pennywort

Anubias nana gold

Anubias nana gold
Anubias nana gold is available to buy in increments of 1

Overview: Anubias nana gold is one of the beautiful variants of Anubias with yellow and green leaves. The special gold hue in the leaves makes it unique and brings amazing contrast with the green plants in the tank. Anubias is a great plant for beginners as it is easy to care for and maintain. If you are looking for a plant that can fill up the gaps and holes and is perfect for aquascaping, Anubias nana gold will be the right choice. Anubias belongs to the Araceae family. Basically, it is a dwarf variety of plants that can fulfil a lot of requirements of the tank. This plant is native to Africa; however, now it can be found in every part of the world. Aquarists show special interest in Anubias due to its hardiness and easy-to-care features. It grows easily in fully and partially submerged conditions. 

Appearance: Anubias nana gold features yellow or lime-green leaves with a golden hue that makes it different from other variants of Anubias and aquarium plants. This unusual colour makes it easily distinguishable in the tank. Like other Anubias species, it is a slow-growing hardy plant. It can be used as a middle ground plant where it can get low to medium lighting. However, the plants thrive the best when attached to rockwork or driftwood. Due to the specific features, dwarf habit and typical leaves colour, Anubias is often planted in terrariums and vivariums other than aquariums.

Hard/soft Plant: It is a hardy plant that can thrive well under moderate light, carbon dioxide and nutrient supplementation.

Ideal water temperature: The ideal temperature for the growth of Anubias nana gold ranges from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. With the right temperature, the plant shows good growth and leaves exhibit good colours.

Lighting and other requirements: Low to moderate light is suitable for the proper growth of Anubias nana gold. Under the excessive light condition, algae growth on the leaves is observed that make the plant look unattractive. Carbon dioxide is not a prerequisite for Anubias nana gold, but supplementing it will ensure faster growth and robust leaves. You can place this plant in the substrate, but its rhizomes must not be buried as they will rot and recede. 

Ideal pH level: The ideal pH for Anubias nana gold is 5.5 to 7. However, being an easily adjustable plant, it can survive if there is a minor fluctuation in pH as well.

Do you know: Anubias nana gold is a perfect aquarium plant for aquascaping that you can use to fill gaps and holes in an aquascape layout. It is because this plant doesn’t require to be planted directly in the substrate; instead, you can attach it to the driftwood or woodwork that gives great results. Propagation is done by simply cutting or pulling apart the rhizomes that you want to reattach. 

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