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Brazilian pennywort

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Brazilian pennywort
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Overview: Brazilian pennywort (Hydrocotyle leucocephala) is one of the popular aquarium plants often sold under the names Brazilian Water Ivy or simply Pennywort. It is native to South America and Central America. Pennywort is a versatile aquarium plant that is easy to grow and maintain. It is a perfect aquarium plant for beginners owing to its easy to care feature. It can be seen growing all the way from Argentina in the South to Mexico in the North. Pennywort grows majorly in wetlands, marshes, moving rivers and flooded areas, especially during the monsoon. However, it can survive well in aquariums in most moist conditions.

Appearance: In a home aquarium, Brazilian pennywort will grow around 24 inches in height and attain 6 inches in width. When the plant reaches the surface of the water, small white flowers develop on it that gives the tank a very beautiful look. A healthy plant of pennywort has light green and kidney-shaped leaves with a robust stem. While purchasing, make sure that the leaves do not have holes, tears or cracks. The vine-like flexible yet sturdy stem grows very well in an aquarium. Aquarists that have aggressive fish in their tank should not include pennywort as the fish may disturb the plant’s growth.

Hard/soft plant: It is a tender plant.

Ideal water temperature: Pennywort thrives well when the temperature is between 20 – 28 degrees Celsius. Soft to moderately hard water conditions are perfect for pennywort’s growth. 

Lighting conditions: Pennywort grows perfectly in low light intensity. When the plant is supplied with low light, it remains small in size and compact.

Ideal pH Level: Pennywort water needs to have a pH of up to 7-8.  

Do you know: Pennywort is suitable to grow in tanks with most of the fish species. However, fish like cichlids that are large digging fish may destroy the plant; therefore, it should be avoided. 


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