Floscopa cf. scandens

Floscopa cf. scandens

Cryptocoryne parva - Tissue Culture Aquatic Plant

Cryptocoryne parva - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant

Cryptocoryne spiralis “broad leaf”

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Overview: Coming from family Araceae, this is a wonderful aquarium plant for beginners. It is an undemanding plant and a perfect one to enhance the look of the tank. The plant grows quickly and forms hardy clusters that give an exotic look to the tank. Under suitable lighting, temperature, and pH conditions, the plant flourishes and shows excellent growth. It is a general advice not to move a crypt once it is planted as they take around 30 days to establish properly.

Appearance: As the name indicates, Cryptocoryne spiralis “broad leaf” features broad leaves and looks amazing in the tank. The leaves are light green and form loose spirals like structure. The plant can go more than 24 inches. It has ruffled edges, and you can see some reddish-brown coloration in the stem and leaves. The plant requires the nutrient-rich substrate to show its true form. It is advised to regularly prune the plant to enhance the growth and make the plant look lustrous. The height of the plant may go up to 14 to 18 inches. It will look best if you grow Cryptocoryne spiralis “broad leaf” as a background plant.

Hard/soft plant: It is a hardy plant and requires less care and maintenance.

Ideal water temperature: The ideal temperature range is 22 to 28 degrees C in which the plant can grow well and thrive easily.

Lighting conditions: The plant is not very specific of light demands and can grow well in moderate light conditions. Medium-light is perfect for the plant to show the best growth pattern and attain the right colors in the leaves. Keep trimming the plant to prevent it outgrowing the water level in the tank.

Ideal pH: The ideal pH for the plant to flourish is 5.5 to 7. It can survive if there is a minor but not significant fluctuation in pH as well.

Do you know: For propagating Cryptocoryne spiralis “broad leaf,” all that you need is a runner. Keep the runners partially or fully submerged condition, and they will establish and start growing. All crypts are susceptible to melting. If there is a significant change in pH, temperature, light intensity, nutrition, or hardness of water, the plant begins to melt and disintegrate to mush.

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