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Hygrophila Araguaia
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Overview: The plant Hygrophila Araguaia is named after a river system, Araguaia, located in Brazil. The origin, however, is South and East Asia. In many parts of the world, it is more commonly known as Hygrophila lancea. The suitable environment for the plant to grow is marsh and moist conditions. In rivers, it may grow as long as 70 cm, but in tanks, it remains smaller in size. Initially, Hygrophila was popular only in North America but lately gained popularity all around the world. Aquarists love to grow Hygrophila Araguaia in their tanks now, owing to their wider adaptability. 

Appearance: Needle shaped leaves with reddish-brown to purple colour are the distinguishing features of Hygrophila Araguaia. When compared to other Hygrophila species, this one has a little shorter and stunted growth. The colour of the leaves depends upon the lighting conditions. The stems grow to give an attractive bushy appearance in the tank. However, you need to trim the stems from time to time to get the right shape. It is a low lying plant and generally resides in a low position in the aquarium. Substrate rich in nutrients promotes healthy growth. A regular application of liquid fertilizers enhances the growth of the plant even more. 

Hard/soft plant: It is a moderately hard plant.

Ideal water temperature: Hygrophila thrives well when the temperature is between 18 - 30°Cdegrees Celsius.

Lighting conditions: It can grow perfectly in medium light intensity. A dim light will keep the plant small in size and compact. 

Ideal pH Level: The water needs to have a pH up 6.5-7.5

Do you know: If you have a medium to a large aquarium, you can use Hygrophila ‘Araguaia’ as a foreground plant; however, in smaller tanks growing it as a midground plant gives the best results.

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