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Vallisneria nana

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Vallisneria nana ( Commonly called eelgrass, tape grass or vallis)

Overview: Originating from North Australia, It is a great option for mid ground or even background aquatic plants of smaller aquariums. In comparison to its species, Vallisneria nana is demanding in terms of lighting conditions, otherwise, it is very easy to maintain. Liquid iron fertilizer and carbon dioxide injection are required to maintain the natural growth rate.

Appearance: In contrast to other Vallisneria species, Vallisneria nana has dark green rosulate narrow leaves that are less than 1 cm wide. In it’s natural habitat, Vallisneria nana grows only about 15 cm while in aquariums it can reach up to 70 cm of height.

Hard or Soft plant: Soft plant

Ideal water temperature: Slightly warm water with temperature ranging between 17 and 28 degree Celsius.

Lighting conditions: Ideal range is 0.4 W and above. In case the intensity is low, Vallisneria nana grows very dense and interferes with the light intensity and nutrient supply of other aquatic plants in the aquarium.

Ideal pH conditions: Prefers hard alkaline water with a pH between 6 to 9. The pH is usually high during the day and a significant drop is observed at night.

Functions and advantages:

1) Easy and fuss free maintenance.

2) Increases the aesthetic appeal of your fish tank and serves the purpose of mid ground and background aquatic plants.

Did you know? Vallisneria nana produces offshoots with ease. Hence, compact vegetation will propagate soon under the optimum conditions like temperature, pH and lighting conditions.

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