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by Jason on Bunnycart
Excellent service and products

Bunnycart is a great website to buy fish as well as plants and offer very reasonable rates. The customer service does give u a call and confirms the shipment a day before. Last but not the least, well packed stuff .. have ordered fish and plants which were in excellent condition when received

by surabhi singh on Bunnycart
GOOD customer friendly policy

They offer very prompt service. I recieved my order with a slight delay because of local holiday and one of the plants was half dead. I sent them pictures and they have been understanding in the sense that i wasn't sure the plant would survive. they thought it would .Still they refunded the amount into my bank account.( it died off in a week's time after planting).Bunnycart offers lowest prices. Lowest shipping rates. and safe secure delivery. I would like to place many more orders in future.thanks!!

by Anurag on Bunnycart
Neon Tetra school

I ordered 34 neon tetras to add to my existing aquarium that already had 10 neon tetras and 10 black phantom tetras. The delivery of the fish was timely. I received a call the day before confirming the time and also received a text with their delivery guy's phone number. Seamlessly done. The fish arrived in fine condition - no losses. The sizes varied but none of them were very small in size. Tetras' color tends to fade a little when they are stressed, so that was expected. But the color started to improve from the next day and all of them seem happy with their new home. I lost a couple of fishes in the days following the delivery, maybe they couldn't acclimatise well.
Very happy with bunnycart's service. Looking forward to order again if I can make some more space in my home

by Syed Mannan Peer on Bunnycart
First Online Order

I was browsing over the internet for some aquarium plants and i went to this website..The appearance of website looks fraudulent but even thought of giving a change so booked some aquatic plants..Just waiting for the order to be processed soon. if everything goes well i am gonna book in large quantities... I am rating the website 1 star as i have no other option to be kept blank..

by Monis Kamal on Bunnycart
Distinguished Company for fish lovers

Initially I was a bit apprehensive about the genuinity of this website as there are couple of Fraudulent websites which market this stuff. But the way Bunnycart team has handled the order is worth praising. They are genuine and truthful people one can trust. The quality of fish they sent me is unmatched in contrast with the kind of fish being sold in Delhi. The colours of Neon Tetra, Glowlight Tetra, Endlers Guppy and Yellow Guppy are so vibrant that too at a very competitive price. I am waiting for some more fish to get available n their stock so that I may re-order soon. We must appreciate and promote their business in order to encourage them increase their product range.

by Mithun Kottayi on Bunnycart
Good Service

I got my first order from bunnycart yesterday. I think it will take minimum one week, but received in 4 days. Some leaves of "Bacopa monnieri" was yellowish and it was too small to plant also. But overall it was good.

Next i want to try some guppies and Aquarium Soil. But Aquarium Soil was out of stock from last 2 weeks, I think they will restock soon.

by More on Bunnycart
Nice but very small

I got plants in 3 days in excellent condition but size of plant is very small it's around 3inches

by Sujesh Nair on Bunnycart
Excellent packing and prompt delivery

The overall packaging was very good, keeping the plants moist till they reached home. They've come up well too, except one which is probably due to my overactive fishes.
Happy with bunnycart, planning more orders soon...

by Dilip on Bunnycart
Good but disappointed with Hemianthis Micra

Order a couple of times. The packing was nice and durable and everything was delivered in good time and in good shape.Was a little disappointed with the Micranthemoides. Most were so small that you could hardly plant them. Few others had decayed. Some were ok but still small to be planted in my scaped aquarium. Would have been better if it had some roots and was a little big enough to be planted.

by rifad on Bunnycart
guppies of 15 pieces (one is handicapped and dead )

i got 15 different varieties of guppies unfortunately one of white guppies was handicapped by berth, it cant swim & its body was "U" in shape. they send me this one along with 14 other fishes. that " U" shaped died after 3 days from delivered. it cant swim properly because of U shape . other fishes are fine ..

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