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by Chethan on Bunnycart
Excellent Product and Packaging

I was initially skeptical about how this will be delivered. The packaging was great and good instructions. Very happy and planning to buy more stuff. Keep it up guys, i am sure you can capture the bangalore market!!. Excellent from a cost and service point of view.

by Siddharth on Bunnycart
Availability of certain plant varieties

Try to add different varieties of mosses and try to make available java moss as early as possible also lower its price...250 rs for a bunch is far too costly..as the plant grows well in all possible setups...thank you

by Tony on Bunnycart
Jus go for it.

Guys this is the best online store u can find just purchase min orders then definitely will not regret. I ordered and i got the worth products. I am from Bangalore. 23/10/2019

by Vasudevan on Bunnycart
About duck weed

I ordered duck weed,and it came really healthy and packing was good,😂✌️ along with duck weed ,i got a small snail in it,lol

by Siddharth sarkar on Bunnycart
Add more variety of aquatic plants

The site is totally awesome. The only problem with this site i felt is that the have a limited variety of aquatic plants. Please add some more new varieties. Thanx...

by Nidhish Kumar V N on Bunnycart
Good quality products

Very good quality plant products delivered with great packaging. Everything was delivered in great condition. Looking forward to more orders in the future.

by B. Kumar on Bunnycart
Excellent fishes, plants and service

Guppy received last week has delivered 10-12 frys...

Neon tetras are amazing...

Refund and service is par excellence...

Keep it up...

by Subham Mukherjee on Bunnycart
Satisfactory Purchase

This is my first purchase from the site. I am overall satisfied with the purchase. Packaging was good. I ordered 13 shrimps. The orange Sakura and the Ghost are of great quality. However i am not very satisfied with the red cherry shrimps, the colors are not good. But given the price, i am ok to compromise.

All the shrimps were alive, it took 6 days for completion of my order, the prices are also competetive. I would recommend others buying from here.

P.S please improve the quality of Red Cherry Shrimps.

by SAUMYA VASUDEVAN on Bunnycart
Very good service

Service from bunny cart is impeccable and so far the items I have ordered reached in time and plants as well as d fishes ND shrimps were alive and good. I hve a few suggestions to make like adding more varieties of aquarium plants, fish, shrimps etc. Thank you

by Shubhashis Banerjee on Bunnycart

Good condition delivery and plants so fresh i am very happy

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