Cichlids are one of most cost effective tropical fish to keep in aquariums. Cichlids are fish from the family of Cichlidae. They are a large and diverse family at more than 1,650 species have been scientifically described so far. Cichlids vary in different sizes starting from .98 inch length to 3.3ft long. Cichlids are always very active and fun to watch. Another great advantage of Cichlids is that Cichlids travel actively exploring every inch of the aquarium for food and keeping the entire aquarium clean. Cichlids are very different from the normal aquarium fish. They create their own territory and will attack all other fishes that enters their territory. So it is advisable to have Cichlids alone in a tank or should be put with lot of other species in a tank. Buy some varieties of Cichlids from our online aquarium store. Do call us for free consultation on how to grow Cichlids
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