Goldfish is one of the most popular aquarium fish which is having the bright colours. They are one of members of the carp family which is the native of East Asia. There are several breeds of goldfish developed during the last thousand years. The main know breeds of goldfish are – Common goldfish, Black Moor, Bubble Eye, Celestial Eye, Comet(goldfish), fantail(goldfish), lionhead(goldfish), Oranda, Pearlscale, pompom(goldfish), Ryukin, Shubunkin, Telescope eye, Ranchu, Panda Moor, Veiltail etc. Healthy Goldfish displays bright clear and bright body coloration and they hold their fins in an erect manner. Goldfish which has some health issue will sink or bob to the top. Goldfish are very social and very intelligent fish which is found to be interacting and easily recognise there care takers.Goldfish can be helpful in reducing the mosquitos in ponds.
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