Shipping Policy

Please note the below points before placing the order.

Shipping Policy for Aquarium Plants, Accessories & Fish Food.

  • All India Shipping(Home Delivery) available only for Aquarium Plants, Accessories & Fish Food.
  • FREE Shipping available for orders on or above INR 499.
  • All India Shipping is available for Aquarium fish to all major cities

Shipping Schedule forAquarium Plants, Accessories & Fish Food

In order for reducing the damages in transit, We ship only on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Thursday All orders placed after Wednesday till Sunday, will be shipped on priority on First-come, First-served (FCFS), starting from next Monday onwards.


Shipping Schedule for Orders consisting of Aquarium Fishes

Orders consisting of fishes are shipped only on Tuesday & Friday of the week. Unlike plant orders, fish orders can't be dispatched next day after you place the order. We need 3-4 days of quarantine period for fishes before we can order. This is to make sure that you get your fishes healthy.



  • All rates mentioned in the website are for one fish/item
  • All Live fish orders will be supplied only in pairs except items mentioned separately(eg: Male, Female)