Ocean Free M4 2 Way Air Pump

Ocean Free M4 2 Way Air Pump

API Tap Water Conditioner, 237 ml

API Tap Water Conditioner, 237 ml

Sobo WP-2550 Aquarium Power Heads

  • Filtration is the heart of an aquarium fish needs to be crystal clear water to stay in an aquarium healthy, filtration can be biological, mechanical and chemical
  • The filter sponge absorbs dirt and clears the water
  • Fully submersible and ideal for any aquarium filtration
Sobo WP-2550 Aquarium Power Heads is available to buy in increments of 1

It is a fully submersible WP-2250 aquarium power head from a reliable brand Sobo which is ideal for water filtration. It makes the water suitable for aquatic life. The desired flow of water is created in the tank as a laminar river current or a turbulent flow that leads to proper biological filtration. There is a filter sponge that absorbs the dirt and clears the water.

Filtration is an essentially of any aquarium, whether it is physical, mechanical, or biological. It is essential for providing a safe and healthy water environment. It is vital for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Apart from making the water suitable for fish, aquarium power heads also allow adequate exercise for free-swimming fish.


  • Completely immerse aquarium power head with high performance and endurance
  • It consumes low energy and circulates the water suitably giving high result
  • There are suction cups to mount the power head on the tank easily
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • It is made up of high-grade plastic which ensures a long-lasting life and durability
  • You can adjust the device in any desired direction
  • Product dimensions: 25 X 8 X 22 cm
  • Product weight: 930 g


For the best result, use the aquarium power head on both sides. It creates the waves that circulate the water more effectively. Mount it with the help of sturdy suction cups and enjoy the silent water currents that circulate water effectively.

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