Pogostemon stellatus - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant

Pogostemon stellatus - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant

Ludwigia ovalis

Ludwigia ovalis

Dwarf Hairgrass - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant

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Overview: Dwarf Hairgrass, aka Eleocharis acicularis, is a freshwater plant and belongs to the Cyperaceae family. Native to North America and Europe, the plant has a widespread growth stretching from Asia to South America. The plant prefers shallow water where there is abundant light. Due to the stunted growth, Dwarf Hairgrass is used as a carpet to increase the aesthetic of the tank. It coats the bottom of the tank and gives a luscious green appearance. The most interesting thing is the fast-growing pattern of the plant that multiplies quickly and spread. The carpet-like growth also provides shelter to a number of bottom-dwelling fish. Dwarf Hairgrass is undemanding and easy to maintain plant; therefore, it is perfect for the beginners.

Advantages: The tissue cultured plant of Dwarf Hairgrass is free from pest infestation. The water and the life of the tank remain unadulterated. None of the water parameters show fluctuations. It ensures that other fish and aquatic plants will survive without any hustle. Introduction of tissue cultured Dwarf Hairgrass makes sure that you are providing a safe and risk-free environment to the aquatic life.

Care: Make sure you have removed the entire tissue culture gel from the plant before introducing it to the tank. Either clean the gel with the help of water thoroughly or remove it from the hands. Dwarf hair grass, being an undemanding plant, can thrive well without any special care. Keep the desired density of the plants by regular trimming.

Light Requirements: Dwarf Hairgrass requires an apt amount of light for proper growth and development. Other than light, a reasonable amount of nutrients and carbon dioxide will also act as a catalyst in the growth. With the right light requirements, it shows a fast growth pattern.

pH Requirements: The plant can thrive well under the pH requirements ranging between 5.5-8.0.

Other Requirements: Although the basic requirement of the plant is medium-light, with the right dose of nutrients like potassium and calcium, it shows a lush growth. Moreover, the pH and temperature should also not exceed the set limit.

Propagation: Dwarf hairgrass produce runners that can be used for propagation. Generally, these runners deploy though the substrate and thereby accelerate the growth and spread of the plant. Snip off a piece of runner, group some of them together, and bury them partially in the substrate. The new branches evolve gradually.

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