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Assorted Aquatic Plant Pots

Assorted Aquatic Plant Pots

Crepidomanes Malabaricum

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Crepidomanes Malabaricum
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Overview: Commonly found in the South Western parts of India, Crepidomanes Malabaricum is an undemanding aquarium plant. It is a very rare micro fern and can be seen growing on rocks along the streams, attached to trunks, between rocks, or even in areas of the substrate. Crepidomanes Malabaricum can be easily found growing profusely during the rainy season. Since it loves the humid environment, it can be grown completely submerged in aquariums.  

Crepidomanes is an undemanding plant and don’t have very specific water requirements. It doesn’t require too much care as it can develop and multiply in almost all types of water. The growth rate of Crepidomanes is slow; therefore, it is essential to check if it has been overpowered by other fast-growing plants like mosses that can obstruct light and growth. 

Appearance: Crepidomanes Malabaricum is a tiny and thin fern with dark green transparent leaves on a thin, creeping rhizome. It is a tender plant, suitable to place in the aquarium foreground. Since it is a slow-growing plant, it spreads leisurely and forms carpets over time. With its delicate leaves and stunning look, it can increase the beauty of the tank manifold. 

Hard/Soft Plant: It is a delicate, soft, and tiny micro fern that doesn’t require special care or attention. 

Ideal water temperature: 10 to 30 degree Celsius is the ideal temperature for Crepidomanes Malabaricum growth. 

Lightening conditions: The lightning requirements of Crepidomanes Malabaricum are low to moderate, like any other fern. It prefers dark areas with poor light conditions to grow. 

Ideal pH level: pH may range from 5.0 - 8.0.

Propagation: It is advised not to bury the rhizome of Crepidomanes Malabaricum on the substrate. Instead, it should be left on rocks or logs with some kind of support. Gradually, it holds fast to the rock or log and starts developing. 

Crepidomanes Malabaricum is a rootless fern but develops dark, hair-like rhizoids on the rhizome, which help it adhere to the substrate.

Other requirements: Even though the light requirements are not pronounced, the supply of additional carbon dioxide and nutrients will help it to grow and develop. Also, a good water flow is considered beneficial for its growth. 

Do you know: Crepidomanes Malabaricum looks great when you have small tanks or small-scale, delicate layouts, like vertical structures of the hardscape. Since it grows very slowly, keep an eye on other plants so they do not overshadow Crepidomanes. 


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