Staurogyne spatulata

Staurogyne spatulata

Crepidomanes Malabaricum

Crepidomanes Malabaricum

Java Fern Philippine

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Java Fern Philippine
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Overview: Coming from the Polypodiaceae family, the scientific name of Java Fern Philippine is Microsorum Pteropus. Due to its beautiful look and easy-to-care feature, Java Fern Philippine has become one of the popular aquarium plants. It got its name from the island of Java in Indonesia, where it grows in the wild. In fact, it can be seen growing on rocks, tree roots, and ground alongside streams and waterfalls throughout Southeast Asia.

Even though there are many variants of Java Fern, some varieties are more popular and in demand, like Java Fern Philippine. It is a true aquatic plant that can grow fully or partially submerged in water. Since it is an epiphytic aquarium plant, it can grow fine when attached to aquascaping hardscapes like driftwood and stones.

Appearance: Since there are varieties of Java Ferns, the color varies from medium green to dark green. The lush green color of Java Fern Philippine makes it unique. It features thick, lance-shaped leaves. It is known to hold up pretty well with aggressive and plant-eating fish, making it suitable for aquarium cultivation. Apart from increasing the aesthetics, Java Fern Philippine also provides playing, hiding, and breeding spots for the fish. The plant may reach up to 3 to 5" in height under the right conditions.  

Hard/Soft Plant: It is a hard plant. 

Ideal water temperature: The suitable water temperature range for Java Fern Philippine is 21° – 24° C. However, it can tolerate temperatures as high as 28 degree Celsius and as low as 15 degree Celsius; thus suitable for beginners too. 

Lightening conditions: The plant requires low light conditions. It performs really well when kept under little or no light. Bright light and excessive sun exposure are intolerable. 

Ideal pH level: The suitable pH range is 6 to 7.5, with an alkalinity of 3-8 dKH. 

Propagation: Propagating Java Fern Philippine is relatively simple. All you need is to cut or pull apart rhizomes and replant them. It can also propagate through leaves. You can see small dots underlying the leaves' surface, and it's completely normal. Remember not to bury the rhizome, as it can cause the plant to die. 

Other requirements: It is advised not to make drastic or sudden changes in water parameters as it may result in the plant melting and rotting. Even though additional CO2 is not required, its injection will yield better growth. 

Do you know: Java Fern Philippine is advised to attach to the driftwood, rocks, or any other substrate directly using a thread or glue. Do not bury the rhizome. Over time, the plant establishes itself on the attached surface and starts growing. 

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