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Limnophila Rugosa

Hydrocotyle tripartita

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Hydrocotyle tripartita

Common name: Water pennywort, thick-leaved pennywort

Overview: Coming from South East Asia and known by different names, Hydrocotyle tripartita is an amazing aquatic plant and is perfect for the beginners. Being a fast growing and low in maintenance plant- it is preferred by most of the aquascapers.  It is considered as a wonderful carpeting plant as it spread all over the foreground and extend its runners on a daily basis. The plant takes some time to adjust inside the tank and take shape. A little training and physically pressing of stems to the substrate is required to maintaining them in the aquarium.

Appearance: The plant comprises very attractive foliage. The bright green leaves provide a vibrant look to the aquaspace. The deep crenulations separated into three lobes make the leaves very fascinating. Apart from the ornamental leaves, the vertical stems ensure a carpet like growth and formation at the base of the aquarium. When proper training is maintained Hydrocotyle tripartita become the best foreground plant to bestow a unique and incredibly alluring look to the aquarium. Good light works in favor of rapid growth and proliferation.

Hard/soft plant: Soft plant

Ideal water temperature: Hydrocotyle tripartita thrives best in the temperature of 72-82° F.

Lighting conditions: Medium or moderate lighting conditions are considered perfect for the rapid growth of the plant. Under low light conditions, the sprouts start getting upright growth instead of creeping, and this hampers the carpet like growth of the plant.

Ideal pH Level: The pH level of 6.0-7.5 is considered best for the proper growth of the plant, therefore, an alkaline medium should be maintained throughout.

Do you know: If you are looking for a plant that could give your aquarium a carpet like impression, look no further than Hydrocotyle tripartita. It is a perfect plant to provide an exotic look to the base of the aquarium.

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