Hydrocotyle tripartita

Hydrocotyle tripartita

Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba'

Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba'

Limnophila Rugosa

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Limnophila Rugosa

Common name: Wrinkled marsh weed.

Synonyms: Herpestis rugosa, Gratiola rugosa

Overview: Also known as wrinkled marsh weed, Limnophila rugosa is a perennial herb which is profoundly located in South East Asia. In Indian conditions, it is found most diversely in the regions like Punjab, North Eastern and Southern parts of the country. With vast medicinal properties, it is primarily grown as a medicinal plant in many parts of the world. Coming from the dog flower family Scrophulariaceae, the plant looks very alluring due to its exotic look and features. It makes a great plant to incorporate in the aquariums.

Appearance: Limnophila rugosa is an erect plant. Being semi-aquatic it comprises a special fragrance of its own. It is an herb, perennial and grows up to the height of 50 cm. The leaves of the plant are large, ovate-lance shaped to ovate-elliptic in shape and light green. Both color and length of the plant make it perfect to place in the aquarium to give it an exotic look. The mid-ground and background of the space are excellent for its growth.

They make an excellent aquatic plant to grow with some dark red plant like alternanthera species or Ludwigia or Rotala where the green and red leaves give a contrasting look.

Hard/soft plant: Soft plant.

Ideal water temperature: The plant thrives best within the temperature range of 68 to 83 F.

Lighting conditions: High to intense

Ideal pH level: Although there is no specific requirement for pH level, still it has been observed that the plant thrives best in alkaline medium with the pH range 5 - 7.5.

Do you know: Limnophila rugosa is a medicinal plant whose leaves are used for treating cough and cold for a long time. The leaves are also used for preparing different dishes. They are also an excellent source of essential oils.

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