Hygrophila sp. “Snake”

Hygrophila sp. “Snake”

Anubias nana gold

Anubias nana gold

Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red"

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Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red"
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Overview: Popularly known as Indian Temple Mint Red, Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red" belongs to the family Acanthaceae. It is a wonderful aquatic plant that is undemanding and easy to care for and maintain. It is the reason why this wonderful stem plant is considered great for beginners. Although Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red" has Asian origin; it is believed to be farm developed variant. You can use this amazing variant of Hygrophilla as a background plant in both conditions- emerged and submerged. With a moderate growth rate, moderate hardiness and moderate requirements, it has become one of the best plants for aquarists to explore. 

Appearance: Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red" is a beautiful green stem plant that you can plant in your tank to increase its aesthetics. The plant can take height up to 40 cm and width around 3 inches. Therefore, you can use it as a mid-ground plant with regular pruning or as a background plant in your aquarium. With a moderate growth rate, the plant can be a wonderful addition to your tank as an emersed plant. Propagation of this plant is done by snipping off the stem and removing the bottom leaves. It is then planted erectly on the soil. The supply of iron and light ensures more attractiveness and colour to this plant.

Hard/soft Plant: It is a hard plant. 

Ideal water temperature: Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red" grows best under the temperature range of 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. 

Lighting and other requirements: Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red" is a moderate hardy plant with a moderate growth rate that require medium light intensity for the best growth. If you have a medium to a large tank, Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red" could be a wonderful addition. The carbon dioxide requirement is medium, and no extra supplement is required. 

Ideal pH level: The ideal pH range for Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red" is 6.2 to 7.5.

Do you know: It is a hardy plant that can be grown in both medium and large tanks as mid-ground and background plants.

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