Shrimp Breeding/hiding Cave

Shrimp Breeding/hiding Cave

Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis Apple Red

Hygrophilla Sp. Quadrivalvis "Apple Red"

Hygrophila sp. “Snake”

Hygrophila sp. “Snake”

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Overview: Hygrophila has different species that are suitable for an aquarium, like Hygrophila balsamic and Hygrophila sp. “Snake.” It belongs to the Acanthaceae family. It is a beautiful aquatic plant that can beautify the tank and make it look lively. The plant is suitable to grow in immersed and submerged conditions.   The plant is given the name “Snake” due to its typical snake-like structure. Most of the species of Hygrophila are native to India and Sri Lanka. If you are into aquascaping, this amazing plant can help you with that. Apart from aquascaping, Hygrophila sp. “Snake” gives plenty of space to fish to hide and play due to its bushy structure. Shy and peaceful fish find a suitable place to hide from the aggressive fish and retreat. They can also use the space for spawning and laying eggs.

Appearance: Hygrophila sp. “Snake” looks more or less like a trailing plant due to its long and thin snake-like leaves that often fall down, touching the ground. The leaves could be seen curling up. You can plant it as a foreground plant to make the tank look more beautiful. If you are using it for a mid-ground plant, it is better to use more than one plant for the best look. The leaves are green in color and attain a tinge of yellow as they grow old. Such colors bring great contrast to the substrate and other tall green plants of the tank.

Hard/soft Plant: Most of the species of Hygrophila are hardy plants.

Ideal water temperature: The ideal temperature range for the growth of Hygrophila sp. “Snake” is between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius. Maintaining it within the range will help in getting good growth.

Lighting and other requirements: Hygrophila sp. “Snake” requires additional carbon dioxide to attain good growth. Supplementing iron will also give good results. At the same time, light needs to be abundant. In case you provide less light, the leaves will not be able to attain their full color. Under sufficient light, carbon dioxide, and iron, the leaves will attain good color and size. If the substrate is nutrient-rich, it will add to the plant’s glory.

Ideal pH level: Although Hygrophila sp. “Snake” can tolerate minor fluctuations in pH; the suitable pH range falls between 5 and 7.

Do you know: Hygrophila sp. “Snake” looks unique due to its snake-like thin green leaves. It is one of the best plants for a=community aquarium as it provides enough space for fish to play around it.

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