Vallisneria Gigantea

Vallisneria Gigantea

Potamogeton gayi

Potamogeton gayi

Java Moss

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Java moss

Overview: As the name suggests, Java moss is a moss that originated in Southeast Asia, and is widely used in freshwater aquariums around the world. Java moss is least demanding and is easily adaptable to all kinds of water. It is thus very popular as a beginner’s plant for aquariums. The growth of Java moss is fast and dense like a carpet. It is a beautiful addition to aquariums of all sizes. Although maintaining Java moss carpet is easy and fuss-free, care must be taken while anchoring it in the aquarium, as the surface must be flat, textured and should not float. Driftwood, stones, rocks etc., are great options for anchorage.

Appearance: Thick and luxuriously green carpet of Java moss enhances the aesthetic appeal of any aquarium.

Hard/Soft plant: Hard plant

Ideal water temperature conditions: It grows best in temperatures between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius. But it can tolerate temperatures up to 32 degree Celsius too.

Lighting conditions: For luxurious and dense carpeting, It requires high intensity light.

Ideal pH conditions: It can tolerate pH levels between 5 and 8 and can withstand even brackish waters.

Functions and advantages:

  • The thick mat of this moss is excellent for protecting fry and tadpoles from bigger carnivorous fishes.
  • Newly hatched fry and shrimps can snack on the small leaves of this moss.
  • It is a great option as a foreground plant, and it’s clinging nature is also useful to make moss walls, moss balls and moss trees.

Did you know?

It propagates simply via proliferation.

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