Java moss

Java Moss

Vallisneria asiatica

Vallisneria asiatica

Potamogeton gayi

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Potamogeton gayi (common name: Pondweed)
Overview: Native to South America and commonly called Pondweed, Potamogeton gayi is an undemanding aquatic plant, suitable for aquariums. Since it has characteristics similar to weed, frequent pruning is recommended and can be achieved by cutting off the top portions and planting them in the substrate. When planted in groups, Potamogeton gayi can be used as midground or background aquarium plants. When planted along with other contrasting plants with myriad hues of green, Potamogeton gayi works well as a foreground plant in larger aquariums.

Appearance: This aquatic plant is an upright stem plant and can reach a height of about 7-8 inches long. They rapidly develop via runners, and even after pruning and trimming, the stem readily branches out. The leaves are about 2-5 mm wide and 5-7 cm long and are soft and translucent, and color changes from an orange brown to olive green depending upon the light intensity they are exposed to.

Hard/soft plant: Hard plant

Ideal water temperature: It prefers a water temperature between 10 and 28 degree Celsius.

Lighting conditions: It thrives in medium to high lighting conditions. The coloration of leaf depends on the light intensity and ranges from orange-brown to green.

Ideal pH condition: Potamogeton gayi tolerates a wide range of pH and prefers medium to hard water for optimum growth.

Functions and advantages: 
1) The wide color range of this plant makes it an ideal choice for aquascaping, whether as a midground, background or foreground plant in aquariums.
2) Thin leaves are ideal for spawning fishes.

Did you know?

Potamogeton gayi is a fuss-free plant, and grows fast via runners.

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