Aquarium Soil, 250g

Aquarium Soil, 250g

Ocean Free Absolute Planting Soil, 1.5 Kg

Ocean Free Absolute Planting Soil, 1.5 Kg

Aquarium Sand, 250g

Qty: 250g

  • High Quality river sand for your planted aquarium tank
  • Can be used as planting media

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It is ideal for the aquatic plants and helps them to flourish in the water tank. The aquarium sand is composed of premium grade raw materials. It consists of every essential mineral required for the growth of the plants. The substrate is well-treated and doesn’t alter the quality of water. It also contributes to maintaining the pH of the water that benefits both fish and plants of the tank.

It is a complete plant substrate and can be used directly in the tank.

Instructions: This aquarium sand consists of every vital nutrient. Therefore, you can simply place it at the bottom of the tank, add little aquarium soil, and start planting. Later, slowly disperse the water without disturbing the substrate. Adding water may create slight cloudiness in the tank which will subside after a few hours of water filtration. Clean off the stains of the aquarium substrate from the glass or surroundings.

Benefits of aquarium soil

  • It gives a more natural look to the aquarium.
  • It helps the aquatic plants to grow and develop.
  • Fish feel more connected to the natural ambiance created by aquarium soil.
  • It is an excellent medium to harbor beneficial bacteria.
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