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Aglaonema simplex

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Aglaonema simplex

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Overview: Aglaonema is a beautiful herbaceous plant from the Araceae family which is believed to be originated in the wild of South Asia. Since the plant is majorly found in Malaysia Philippines, and Borneo, it is commonly known as Malayan Sword and Borneo Sword. Even though Aglaonema is not strictly aquatic and can proliferate in soil, it can easily survive in underwater conditions such as boggy land. It is a very easy plant that spreads quickly and requires little maintenance. All that this plant requires is fertilizers to establish itself in the tank. 

Appearance: Aglaonema simplex is a herb that reaches 15 to 120 cm in height with proper care and maintenance. Underwater it stays within 15 to 40 cm. The green foliage of the plant gives a characteristic look to the tank. The leaves are known for their dense crown of narrowly oblong to linear lance-shaped green leaves that have pointed tips. The alternate stalked, densely and spirally arranged leaves in green to dark green give a remarkable appearance to the tank. The recommended substrate is sand and the ideal placement of Aglaonema simplex is in the middle. It intensifies the beauty of the tank with its lush green foliage. 

Hard/soft plant: Aglaonema Simplex is a hardy herbaceous plant, suitable to grow underwater to enhance the overall appearance of the tank. 

Ideal water temperature: The ideal temperature for the growth and survival of Aglaonema simplex underwater is around 22 to 28 degrees Celsius. It is a slow-growing plant that covers the tank steadily, making it look more gorgeous than ever. 

Lightening conditions: Medium light intensity is enough for Aglaonema simplex to grow and proliferate underwater. 

Ideal pH level: pH should remain between 6 and 8 for such herbaceous plants to survive and grow well under water. 

Propagation: Aglaonema Simplex is a rhizomatous plant and propagates through healthy rhizomes. When you plant Aglaonema in your tank, make sure that the rhizome is not fully submerged under the substrate. It is important when you are growing it underwater or else the rhizome may rot and the plant may die. 

Propagation of Aglaonema is easy. Split rhizome into smaller pieces and plant them individually on the substrate. 

Do you know: There are many ethnobotanical benefits of Aglaonema Simplex like its leaves are pounded in coconut oil and rubbed on the body of women to speed up labor during delivery. It also helps in relieving pain, and treating fever and edema.

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