Lagenandra Meeboldii Green

Lagenandra Meeboldii Green

Amania Senegalensis

Amania Senegalensis

Alternanthera reineckii “Lilacina”

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Overview: Popular with the names purple and lila, Alternanthera reineckii “Lilacina” is a beautiful, bold, and brilliant plant to grow in an aquarium. It shows an upright growth and can be used as a mid-ground or background plant. With a colorful stem and leaves, it can be used to add colors to the aquarium and make it look livelier. It belongs to family Amaranthaceae and genus Alternanthera. The plant is originated in South America and now widely distributed in different parts of the world as a beautiful aquarium plant. It looks best in the tank when grown in bunches of at least 2-3 plants. It is easy to care and maintain plant but require specific water parameters to show the true colors.

Appearance: Alternanthera reineckii “Lilacina,” also traded with the names Alternanthera lilacina, Telanthera lilacina, has attained great popularity among the aquarists. The dark red coloration of leaves with purple tinge makes it a tempting plant to grow in the tank. It can achieve a height of 10 to 40 cm and width around 15 cm. It shows an upright growth and makes one of the best plants for the colorful accents.

Hard/soft Plant: It is a hard plant.

Ideal water temperature: The ideal water temperature for the plant to flourish is between 17 to 28 degree Celsius. When the right temperature is provided, it shows a good growth pattern.

Lightening conditions: Since the plant has specific colorations, it requires a considerable light supply to maintain the flamboyancy of colors in the stem and leaves. Moreover, it also requires apt carbon dioxide to retain the exact colors. Nutrient-rich substrate works in favor of the plant and helps in bringing brighter colors to it. Shortage of nutrients may lead to turning the leaves pale.

Ideal pH level: The ideal pH range between 5-8.

Do you know: The plant is propagated through cutting.

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