Staurogyne sp. 'Porto Velho'

Staurogyne sp. 'Porto Velho'

Limnobium laevigatum

Limnobium laevigatum

Cryptocoryne Spiralis

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Overview: Coming from the family Araceae, Cryptocoryne spiralis is a beautiful aquatic plant. It is one of the best plants for the beginners as it is the least demanding and easy to maintain. When C. spiralis is grown solitarily, it gives a good and aesthetic view to the aquarium. However, when grown in clusters it creates a bushy facade to the underwater ambiance. The plant is native to India and can be seen growing between the rice fields. When the plant is maintained with regular pruning and cutting it gives the best look to the aquarium.

Appearance: C. spiralis is a perfect plant to add height and visual drama to your tank. The growth form of the plant is rosette. The green leaves become lengthy and slender and sway underwater. The emergent leaves in the other hand are small in size and have wide blades. The long leaves make the plant an excellent option to ponder as a background plant. Generally, it is advised to plant it in a planned fashion like small plants in the foreground and larger ones at the back. It doesn’t give a forest-like appearance to the aquarium and grace it beautifully. It is hard to achieve the variations when planted randomly.

Hard/soft Plant: It is a very hardy plant

Ideal water temperature: The temperature requirement of the plant is between 75° and 82°F.

Lightening conditions: The light requirement of the plant is medium to high. Using full spectrum bulbs of at least 2 watts per gallon will fulfill the needs of the plant to flourish well.

Ideal pH level: Water conditions need to be stable for better plant growth to prevent stems and roots from rotting away. pH within the range of 6.5 to 7.5 is considered best for C. spiralis.

Do you know: C. spiralis can be propagated by using multiple runners or rhizome divisions.

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