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Sagittaria sp. Narrow Leaf

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Sagittaria sp. giant

Equisetum japonicum

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It is Pond plant



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Overview: Equisetum japonicum is more commonly known as the Japanese horsetail plant. It is a member of the Horsetail family and native to Japan. Equisetum japonicum is a shallow water marginal plant that has a hollow, fleshy, and cylindrical stem. Although it is a pond plant, it looks amazing in an aquarium and is perfect for aquascaping. You can grow it as a background plant and give an ideal forest-like look to your tank. The plant prefers growing partially submerged in water but also grows well under fully immersed conditions as well. It is easy to maintain.

Appearance: Equisetum japonicum has long cylindrical and hollow stems that remain evergreen. There are white and black knots on the stem that intensify the look of the plant. There are no leaves, only straight green stems that can grow up to 39 to 48 inches. If you are thinking of giving your aquarium a little different look, Equisetum japonicum is just the right plant for you. You can use it as a background plant and keep on trimming the stems regularly. It will not only give a great view to the tank but also ideal hiding and playing spots for the fish. Moreover, it will also give a natural sea-like appearance to the tank, therefore suitable for some creative aquascaping.

Hard/ soft plant: It is a hardy plant that can thrive well under every condition.

Ideal water temperature: It can grow well under diverse temperature conditions, but between the ranges of 20 to 30 degrees will be suitable.

Lighting conditions: Growing Equisetum japonicum in full or partial shade is considered ideal for its proper growth and development. It will grow best when there is plenty of water, and the plant is fully or half submerged. It is an evergreen plant that can flourish under full light intensity as well.

Ideal pH level: pH ranging between 6 to 8 is perfect for Equisetum japonicum. However, even if the water conditions fluctuate a bit, the plant will easily survive.

Do you know: Equisetum reproduces by spores that are grown on the cones at the top of the stems. The plant remains attractive throughout the year and can make the tank more eye-catching by combining it with other contrasting colored plants.


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