Acmella repens

Acmella repens

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Floscopa cf. scandens

Hemigraphis sp. Pink

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Overview: Some of the plants are perfect for aquascaping and Hemigraphis sp. Pink is one of them. Coming from the family Acanthaceae and native to South-East Asia, this plant is originated in Java. It is one of the most popular and preferred terrarium plants. However, with the popularity aquascaping has gained in the recent past, Hemigraphis sp. Pink is now becoming an aquarium plant as well. It enhances the beauty of the tank and can be used in small fishbowls too. The small structure and beautiful colored leaves make it ideal for aquascaping. It is easy to grow, care, and maintain.

Appearance: As the name indicates, Hemigraphis sp. Pink has pink and purple colored leaves. The bright color and beautiful appearance give this plant an aesthetic look. The creeping stems elongate at the bottom of the tank, not gaining more than 12 to 14 cm height and bring an exotic appearance. It can be used as a foreground or midground plant. The best thing is that even the herbivorous fish do not feed on this plant. It can remain for at least 1 to 2 months in the tank if left undisturbed. Hemigraphics sp. Pink is a wonderful decorative plant that you can use to give a more appealing and attractive appearance to your tank. Just a perfect terrarium aquatic plant for aquascaping.

Hard/ soft plant: It is a soft-hard plant that can thrive well under undisturbed water conditions.

Ideal water temperature: It can grow well under diverse conditions, but the temperature between the ranges of 18 to 28 degrees will be suitable.

Lighting conditions: Hemigraphis sp. Pink has low to high light requirements. While high light intensity gives more attractive and brightly colored leaves, the dim light will fade the purple color. Fertilizer and carbon dioxide demand is also low.

Ideal pH level: pH ranging between 6 to 8 is perfect for Hemigraphis sp. Pink. However, even if the water conditions fluctuate a bit, the plant will easily survive.

Do you know: Hemigraphics sp. Pink has recently grown its popularity as an aquarium plant. It was widely used as a terrarium plant only due to its small structure and slow growth pattern. Now, with the commencement of aquascaping, Hemigraphis sp. Pink is also popular among the aquarists to give some creative look to their tank through aquascaping.

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