Limnophila hippuridoides

Limnophila hippuridoides

Spirodela polyrhiza (Greater Duckweed)

Spirodela polyrhiza (Greater Duckweed)

Hygrophila 'Compact'

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Hygrophila Compacta: (Common name: Temple narrow leaf)

Overview: Hygrophila compact is native to Southeast Asia. As the name suggests, Hygrophila Compacta is a compact species of the Hygrophila corymbosa species. This unique aquatic plant is a wonderful addition to freshwater aquariums. This short and compact plant is an ideal option as a background aquarium plant. This fairly undemanding aquatic plant is amphibious in nature and bright green in color when grown under water. It takes up shades of brown color when grown outside water. Hygrophila compact temple narrow leaf plant tends to have a fast and bushy growth thereby, overshadowing other neighboring plants. Thus, frequent pruning is recommended to solve this problem and control growth.

Appearance: Hygrophila compact is a short plant that grows about 5 to 7 inches in height under water with thick stems and broad green leaves. The plant can attain a maximum height of approximately 24 inches and is, therefore, best suited as a background aquarium plant. The leaves are set close in tufts to the stalk with very short internodes and numerous side shoots contribute to this plant’s characteristic compact look. The leaves have a bright green with silvery white coloration under the leaves. In strong light, they turn a reddish brown hue and gradually wither off in very dim light.

Hard or Soft plant: Hard plant

Ideal water temperature conditions: Hygrophila compact prefers warm tropical temperatures between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Lighting conditions: Lighting plays an important role in the appearance of Hygrophila compact. Ideally, it prefers moderate to high lighting. It exhibits a wide range of color palette depending on the exposure of light it receives. Like for example, it is a darker brownish green in the nursery, a bright green in the aquarium and reddish brown in color under the influence of strong light. Moderate lighting of a minimum 2/3 watts per gallon using full spectrum light (5000-7000k) light bulbs.

Ideal pH level conditions: Hygrophila compact thrives under pH levels 6.5 and 7.5.

Functions and advantages:

1) Hygrophila compact is an ideal option as a background plant in aquariums.

2) The dense and compact growth of Hygrophila compact conceals aquarium’s equipment aesthetically.

3) Compatible with most community fishes.

Did you know?

Hygrophila compact propagates via asexual reproduction. Simply cutting off the plant at a desired height of the stem, removing the leaves around 1 cm from the stem and replanting into the substrate enriched with carbon dioxide, trace elements, and iron. Soon roots will sprout from the cuttings and develop into a new plant.

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