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Hygrophila difformis

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Hygrophila difformis (common name – Water wisteria)

Overview: Originating in Asia, Hygrophila difformis is a beautiful and fuss-free aquatic plant. Commonly called water wisteria, it thrives in marshes of the Indian sub-continent region, namely Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal. Ideally, Hygrophila difformis is suitable for bigger fish tanks and aquariums due to its significantly larger size. They are ideal as a midground or background addition to aquatic plants in the aquarium.

Appearance: The plant has distinctively sturdy, fork-shaped lobed leaves that make it a great choice for exhibiting in aquariums. The stems can grow up to 20 to 50 cm tall and 15 to 25 cm wide.

Hard or Soft plant: Soft plant

Ideal water temperature: Hygrophila difformis grows well in water temperatures between 24 and 28 degree Celsius.

Lighting: Hygrophila difformis requires moderate lighting intensity of minimum 2 to 3 watts per gallon from full spectrum, i.e., 5000 to 7000K bulbs. They grow best under high lighting but do well under moderate to low lighting conditions as well.

Ideal pH conditions: Hygrophila difformis grows well in soft to moderately hard water with pH levels ranging between 6.5 and 7.5

Functions and advantages:

  • Perfect option for beginners.
  • Rapid growth helps in preventing algae formation in tanks.
  • Compatible with almost all the smaller fishes, but bigger and rough fishes might damage it’s leaves.
  • Easy to grow and maintain.
  • Imparts an aesthetic appeal to your aquarium.


Did you know? Hygrophila difformis should not be planted in a tank with goldfish as they eat up the plant quickly. Propagation is easy, and if a stem or even a leaf is removed, it quickly forms new roots and leaves and grows into a new plant.

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