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Sagittaria subulata

Ammania Sp, ' Bonsai '

Ammania Sp, ' Bonsai '

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

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Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (Common name – Brazilian Micro sword)

Overview: Popular to be one of those very few aquarium plants that is used in the foreground, Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is a short stemmed plant that can grow into a beautiful lush green carpet on the aquarium floor. It is a great choice for beginner’s who want to add fuss-free plants in their aquariums. Lilaeopsis brasiliensis in it’s native habitat is found along the shores of streams and rivers of Brazil in fully and partially submerged state. This plant is slightly demanding plant needs the right doses of carbon dioxide, sufficient lighting and other nutrients for it’s optimum growth.

Appearance: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis has a grass-like appearance and can attain a maximum height of 4 to 7 cm tall. The leaves are thin and elongated in shape and have a light green coloration. This plant has a rhizomatous structure and tends to promote dense yet controlled growth. Therefore, frequent pruning is not required for it’s optimum maintenance. To achieve ideal grass like pattern, these plants should be planted few centimeters apart.

Hard/Soft plant: Hard plant.

Ideal water temperature conditions: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis prefers warm tropical temperatures between 21 and 28 degree Celsius.

Lighting conditions: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis demands low to moderate lighting levels. 3 watts per gallon of water is considered ideal for it’s optimum luxurious growth.

Ideal pH conditions: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis thrives in water with pH levels ranging between 5 and 7. Water hardness between 4 and 7 dkh is recommended.

Advantages and uses:

  • Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is a beautiful foreground carpet plant and increases the aesthetics and beauty of aquariums of any size.
  • Provides ideal habitat for spawning fishes to lay eggs.
  • Compatible with most community fishes. However, larger herbivorous fishes must be avoided in aquariums with Lilaeopsis brasiliensis.

Did you know? Propagation of Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is easy and can be facilitated by simply cutting off the runners from parent stem and planting it in a nutrient rich substrate. Soon new plants grow and form a thick carpet on the floor of the aquarium.

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